Fresh fish is a matter of honour to us!

Haverön Lohi – Freshest rainbow salmon for dinner tables and fresh salted roe for those gourmet moments! The fish are cleansed, frozen and filed and packed on the same day as they go out to our customers.


Haverön Lohi – Unbroken cooling chain and fast delivery

An unbroken cooling chain and fast deliveries is essential for us to be able to guarantee our customers “Superior +” product quality.
Try our products and be pleasantly surprised by the quality and taste of the fish.
The rainbow salmon is available as a whole (fresh and cleaned) or as a fillet. Choose yourself which one you want!

Freezer products as a 24h concept

With solid professionalism we can offer fresh salmon fillets and roe and even freezer products according to the 24h concept from the best fishing waters. Fresh both as refrigerated (0-3C) and frozen.