Haverö Lohi Oy’s leading motive is the well-being of the fish and the environment! Therefore, in recent years, we have invested in a variety of activities to support various environmental projects. Among other things, a biochemical wastewater treatment (as a by-product of the compost) and a new innovation called Baltic Sea Fodder currently in use and under testing. One can say that the development work is continuous and entirely based on the conditions set by the environment.

The fishery load on the water is small

“The total load of fish farming and the operating load has fallen considerably since the early 1990s. The eutrophication effect of salmon farming production chain decreased by 26 percent relative to Finland’s production rate in 2002-2009. The share of fish farming accounts for 1-2 percent of the nutrient load of watercourses ”

More on the matter: Finnish Fish Farmers’ Association